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Design and Advertising

Synthetic Creative Services has experience in a wide range of design, corporate identity, advertising and publications.

Director, Richard Browning, has been working in the design and advertising industry in London for 20 years before relocating to Adelaide 7 years ago.

Included here are some examples of current projects in Adelaide and examples from London agency work.


Artlink is a national, quarterly contemporary arts magazine produced in Adelaide for the last 25 years. We have been working with the Artlink team for the past 5 years to design, produce and manage print.

2006 to current.

      Computer Depot have sold and repaired PC's in Adelaide for over 15 years. When they succeeded in achieving Apple Reseller status they wanted to rebrand their store to reflect the different Apple Mac identity. We developed their coroprate identity, which was developed into interior and exterior store signage and marketing materials.

June 2011

Syntheic Creative Services have had a long relationship with Marion City Council and have been working with them producing press advertising, leaflets and outdoor signage.